Paydock Now Live

After 2.5years of development, and a lot of sweat, we have launched!

The team has worked so hard with a vision to make online payments easier to setup, manage, and maintain with less cost than traditional approaches.

Businesses and nonprofits are often limited in their ability to drive real-time engagement and manage their one-off and recurring donations. We want to make this a thing of the past.

We have made Paydock both easy to use and as powerful as possible.

  • Office staff processing donations will find the web interface uncomplicated, and enjoyable to use
  • Web developers will love the power, speed, and simplicity of our API.

At the moment we have connected major payment gateways PayWay, eWay, PayPal, Stripe, Pin Payments. Major international gateways and Braintree are in the development pipeline.

One of the biggest benefits of the platform is being able to do more with your current payment gateway just by plugging into Paydock.

We hope you come with us on this journey, and enjoy the benefits that come with using Paydock.

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