The Paydock Values are central to everything we do and drive us to deliver better and more beautiful payment experiences to benefit our customers, our staff and the community.

1. Opportunity

We create and seize opportunities. Every moment, interaction, click, word, decision presents an opportunity. At Paydock we are committed to creating opportunities for customers, staff and community. This will be achieved by what we do (our product) – and how we do it (our team and culture).

2. Stewardship

We take responsibility for opportunities. Opportunity presents no value unless stewarded into a meaningful outcome.  We believe that since opportunities are unique, each must be made the most of before we can call ourselves successful.

3. Mastery

We are world-leaders. In order to succeed in the above, we commit ourselves to mastering our chosen domain – payments. It is our desire that our customers benefit from our mastery.

4. Beauty

We want everything we do to be elegant. The result of mastery is always beauty. We believe that beauty in payments, once delivered will enable our customers to craft new and powerful experiences for themselves and their donors and customers.


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