2015 Payment Gateway Survey

If you could use one word to describe dealing with payment gateways what would it be?


A cornerstone of doing business online, and taking payments through web apps, websites, or now even in-store, is having the right infrastructure to support your business. Key to this is having a payment gateway.


Payment gateways are a little like traffic signals. When they’re working they work really well and help things go smoothly. When they’re problematic, all sorts of trouble can occur. Having the right setup for online payments that will keep working when and how you need it to, makes a world of difference.


To better understand the relationship between businesses and their payment gateways we conducted the 2015 Payment Gateway Survey. We have had a hunch for some time that people ordinary business owners and workers find online payments a troublesome task. The hunch told us that things were not as simple as the marketing tells us it is.

From a business perspective, there’s something about taking payments online that feels… hard.


Grab the white paper now, we interviewed a wide range of people from developers, nonprofits and industry to reveal the top payment gateways they used, how businesses feel about dealing with them, and what they would like to see changed.


Download the whitepaper now

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