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PayDock + Flo2Cash

We make working with Flo2Cash a cinch !

Use Flo2Cash as one of your gateways in PayDock and gain access to the following capabilities immediately.

What is Flo2Cash?

Established in 2003, Flo2Cash has been at the forefront of the financial technology (‘FinTech’) revolution that is changing the way business is done. Increasingly, businesses and other organisations are looking for better, faster, more secure ways to receive payments, and this is exactly what Flo2Cash does by developing payment products and services to provide businesses with solutions that can be used off-the-shelf or heavily customised.

Flo2Cash provides and approves Credit Card and Direct Debit facilities and is a leading provider of payment processing services and solutions, which enables businesses of all sizes to streamline their payment processes; this in turn improves cashflow to meet operating expenses.

Employing the latest technologies and working with all major banks and credit card issuers, Flo2Cash offers the greatest variety of payment channels, with an unparalleled degree of functionality and customisation so business growth is stimulated by healthier cash flow, as well as enhanced customer services and retention. 

What is PayDock?

PayDock is an API enabling access to all payment types or methods. We’re the only service on the market enabling merchants to click-and-connect amazing payment service providers and third party plugins (like Afterpay) into their platforms.

See here for more information on PayDock’s features.

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