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PayDock + ZipMoney & ZipPay

We make working with ZipMoney & ZipPay fun !

Use ZipMoney & ZipPay as one of your gateways in PayDock and gain access to the following capabilities immediately.

What is ZipMoney and ZipPay?

Zip (=ZipMoney and ZipPay) are Buy-Now-Pay-Later products that give customers the ability to loan interest free credit to delay paying for purchases made via eCommerce shop fronts.

ZipMoney offers consumers to pay purchases of over $1,000 off in instalments of their choice with the first 3 months interest free. ZipPay offer consumers interest free instalments payments for purchases under $1,000.

A great new revenue stream for the modern merchant.

What is PayDock?

PayDock is an API enabling access to all payment types or methods. We’re the only service on the market enabling merchants to click-and-connect amazing payment service providers and third party plugins (like Afterpay) into their platforms.

See here for more information on PayDock’s features.

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