Single Charges for Subscriptions

Assign single charges to subscriptions

A rarely talked about but important feature of subscriptions is the ability to take a one-off charge and have it applied to a subscription.

The good news is we’ve now released this for all customers in the Paydock API (see docs).

This feature is designed to combine with Paydock’s ability to pause subscriptions and create intelligent payment plans. This is a powerful feature that gives more options to merchants and charities to improve both their bottom line and customer experience while reducing payments effort.

Here’s two use-cases we thought of where you might consider this feature:

  • Paying off a good or service over a period of time. If you have a customer (or even a student) paying off a loan or a service you are now able to offer them the ability to ‘accelerate’ repayments with a one-off fee – and have it cleanly assigned to their recurring payment profile.
  • A donor needs to ‘pause’ their gift.  We know that it’s not always possible for everyone to fulfill their monthly commitments when giving to a charity. Rather than disconnecting completely, this feature combined with the capability of ‘pausing’ a subscription provides a clean way to maintain the relationship and at the same time allocate a ‘catch-up’ payment to ensure every opportunity is presented to the donor to continue and deepen their commitment once they are able to resume their giving.

While we’re sure you will be able to identify more use-cases (we’re always impressed by how our community utilises the service) we hope these two give you some inspiration around this new feature.