Why Paydock empowers global Not-for-Profit fundraising

Global payment management across a distributed giving-base can be hard if you’re an international NFP.

Factor in local fundraising offices, currencies and admin you can be taking (and managing) money all the way from India to the UK and USA.

We know that using only a single ‘super’ provider rarely delivers the best value to your organisation. The friction  involved with re-routing your organisation to a single provider (who may not be best suited in all localities/currencies) can be high, and the direct and indirect costs involved with integrating multiple local services can itself increase expenses dramatically.

So, this leaves many not-for-profits in a challenging position. How do we manage global giving in a way that’s low-cost, easy and effective?

We know you would love to take recurring and one-off payments, in various currencies, with data and payment-event transparency, without disrupting existing banking and reconciliation processes or introducing prohibitive cost and pain.

Might seem like just a bit too much to ask, but your needs are our mission.

We’ve spent years developing Paydock for this exact reason. To enable your organisation today to:

  • ‘plug-in’ local gateways and yet still support existing infrastructure
  • benefit from best-practice donor experience
  • build efficient recurring giving programs, locally
  • easily integrate that data into your relationship management services
  • not be penalised when you scale, grow or change
  • gain revenue from new payment types
  • deliver new and exciting fundraising campaigns
  • drive greater volume transactions with less work

This can start today.

Pull out cost, earn more from your giving programs, choose services that best suit your organisation and donors (wherever they are) and grow your ability to keep changing lives for the better.

~ Rob

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