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Ecommerce has been instrumental to the survival of many businesses throughout the past 12 months. As a cashless society looms and consumer behaviour shifts, the increasing demand for easy, frictionless and digital payments is pivotal in order for merchants to stay on top. 

Today, digital wallets play a significant role globally in facilitating seamless, efficient and secure payments and essentially are the catalyst that accelerated Ecommerce to its highest growth rate in 5 years. 

So… why are they essential for merchants?

Digital wallets have become the ‘new norm’ in payments and by 2024, digital wallets will account for 84.5% of e-commerce spend (Global Payments Report, 2021). This increasing reliance on technology has highlighted greater emphasis not only on speed and convenience but the need for security in online transactions. 55% of consumers say security is the most important factor in their digital experience (Experian, 2021) and they are utilising digital wallets as their default payment source as they incorporate advanced security solutions such as biometric authentication or tokenisation to reduce the risk of fraud.

By rapidly revolutionising the checkout process and becoming a primary source for payments, digital wallets enable merchants who adopt them the ability to offer a myriad of options such as biometric authenticated payments (ApplePay), Buy-now-pay-later schemes, QR codes, and along with this the ability to exceed their customer expectations whilst catering to their security needs.

Notably and perhaps most importantly, digital wallets also offer around 99.6% lower chargeback volume than card transactions, according to a research by Worldpay making it a no brainer for a merchant to embrace it. This has incentivised merchants to offer wallet-based checkout as a preferred method of payment.

But what really happens at a back end? What does it mean for the merchant? One of the challenges involves a capability to accept the right wallets in each market. For example, AliPay or WeChat Pay in China and APAC region, Paytm in India or Rappi in Latin America. This could also mean that merchants may need to manage multiple payment integrations, which can and will prove time consuming, complex and costly. This is when being able to control your chaos becomes crucial, leading to another inevitable outcome of modern payments technology – Payments Orchestration. 

By deploying low-code, unified checkout workflows while remaining free to onboard new or optimise existing payment services, a payments orchestration platform provides merchants a secure range of integration options to ensure that your PCI scope is managed without compromising your consumer experience, or limiting the checkout options available to the merchant. Merchants need to be free to consider and respond to cost, consumer adoption, security and data implications of their vendors and interoperate where necessary. 

Payments Orchestration is now the door through which merchants coordinate this strategy.

Eliminating the need to run numerous dashboards, manhandle logins across a wide array of services and juggle endless tech problems, Paydock’s unified dashboard brings together payment services, customers and transactional information into a single, manageable experience. Our Dashboard also enables you to plug in new services and manage (and audit) your organisation’s users ensuring that you can track all activity within your payments ecosystem.

As Payments Orchestration becomes the new default by which merchants access fintech, we are excited for the benefits to merchants. Both consumers and merchants will benefit from increasing security, decreasing costs and more rewarding experiences.

For more information and how we can pocket more for your business, drop us a line on [email protected] and book a demo.

Paydock partners with Aplauz to enable in-store payments for digital merchants

Paydock, an enterprise-grade payments orchestration platform announces its most recent partnership with the introduction of Aplauz, a digital payment method that can be purchased in-store and used online, enabling online merchants to reach and capitalise on market opportunities within a yet untapped customer base.

By working seamlessly alongside other payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Afterpay currently supported by Paydock, merchants can by using Paydock and Aplauz extend their product strategy to include in-store payments made at convenience stores without increasing effort.

Paying for goods or services online using traditional payment methods such as credit cards is still inaccessible, inconvenient or untrusted for many customers, such as the generation Z, who would like to protect their privacy, are wary of online fraud and prefer not to share financial data online. Aplauz also promotes conscious spending by enabling customers to have better control of their online spending habits – whether they want to control impulse buying, have ghost subscription payments that are still active or overlooked charges made on a registered credit card. Aplauz puts consumers squarely in the driver’s seat.

Rob Lincolne, founder and CEO of Paydock said: “Aplauz offers a compelling proposition for consumers and merchants. We are extremely excited to collaborate with Aplauz on this project and play our role in closing the gap between offline and online transactions by offering a solution that truly adds value to digital merchants as part of their payments mix.”

 Paydock’s technology is used by leading global merchants and platforms who benefit from a myriad of features such as dynamic vaulting and routing capabilities, sophisticated user management and vendor support.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO of Aplauz Goran Abramović said: “We are excited to collaborate with Paydock to make Aplauz easily available to merchants everywhere regardless of their payment vendor set-up. Beyond the convenience, Aplauz has been launched with a vision of empowering conscious spending by enabling consumers to better control their online spending. I strongly believe that Aplauz can be a great opportunity for online merchants to further increase their social responsibility contribution towards their customers and the industry in which they operate.”

Aplauz is currently available across over 2000 convenience stores in Switzerland and will be expanding across Europe during 2021.


To find out more about Paydock, please visit paydock.com

To find out more about Aplauz, please visit aplauz.com

About Paydock

Paydock (www.paydock.com) is an innovative enterprise-grade payments orchestration platform. Paydock assists merchants and payment service providers resolve systemic inefficiencies and risks associated with the industry’s growth, such as ever-increasing complexity, lost profit and material risk.

Clients include, major retailers, not-for-profits, global travel platforms, insurtech leaders and fast food chains.

Paydock’s ambition is to return billions in lost profit to its target markets while introducing best-in-class payments infrastructure to some of the most loved brands in the world.


About Aplauz

 Aplauz is prepaid digital credit that empowers people to make conscious spending. Aplauz credit vouchers can be bought at convenience stores and used to make online payments without any of the traditional online payment methods, and without having a bank account. It is ideal for those who don’t own a credit card or don’t want to disclose financial details, to securely buy online while staying in control of their spending.


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For media enquiries related to Aplauz, please contact:

Delphine Bos

CMO Aplauz

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