Single Charges for Subscriptions

Assign single charges to subscriptions A rarely talked about but important feature of subscriptions is the ability to take a one-off charge and have it applied to a subscription. The good news is we’ve now released this for all customers in the PayDock API (see docs). This feature is designed to combine with PayDock’s ability to …

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A Quick Guide to the Advantages of Recurring Payments

What are recurring payments? Recurring payments are automatic payments deducted from a credit card or bank account on an agreed schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Recurring payments are useful for a wide range of payments – such as subscriptions for magazines, membership clubs and utilities bills. What are the advantages for merchants? Decreases late or …

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Announcing: PayDock ‘Geneva’

So yeah, We’re pretty fixated on delivering a platform that builds ever more value into your payments experience. ‘Geneva’ is no exception, but we’ll let the release speak for itself – see below. As always, we’re here for you,   The PayDock team   API Release (v1.1.9) Create refund-event notifications (Notifications API docs) Refund Requested Refund Failed Refund …

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